Find Affordable Carpet in Adelaide and Melbourne at Bargain Carpets

Shopping for new carpets can be an overwhelming process. Not only are there hundreds of different styles, textures, price ranges, and colours to choose from, there is also the question of where to purchase your carpet. You want to find a company who has years of experience in the carpet industry, which offers excellent customer service and has some of the best, lowest prices in the area.

If you’re looking to buy affordable carpet for your Melbourne or Adelaide property, save yourself time and money by purchasing from the best Melbourne affordable carpet company in the area: Bargain Carpets.

Bargain Carpets – Offering Great Quality Melbourne and Adelaide Affordable Carpet Services

Bargain Carpets have been providing affordable carpet in Adelaide and nearby areas for three years. Our company strives to sell the best-looking carpet at the lowest possible prices. From commercial properties to residential homes, we have an incredible range of carpets at prices you can afford.

In addition to our competitive prices and years of experience, we also make our Melbourne affordable carpet as convenient as possible. We’re the carpet company who will bring your carpet to your door. We’ll provide a free in-home measurement and quote and then deliver directly to your home.

Melbourne and Adelaide Affordable Carpet Options

When looking for a carpet, we understand just what you want: a great looking, affordable carpet in Melbourne. We know that you don’t want to spend more than you need to, which is why we offer a large variety of carpet options in a vast range of colours and textures, such as twist, loop, textured, and plush.

We carry twist carpets, which are ideal for high traffic areas. Twist carpets are soft and extremely comfortable and offer a great textured look that most homeowners love. Loop carpets have piles that drop back into the carpet’s backing, forming a loop or oval shape. This style of carpet is also ideal for residences or small businesses, since they easily hide footprints from heavy traffic, are easy to upkeep and clean, and are hardwearing and durable.

Textured carpets can be loop or regular carpet piles which are cut at varying lengths to give a more textured, layered appearance. They’re also perfect for heavy foot traffic and easy to clean and maintain. They offer a great, on-trend look as well.

The last type of carpet, plush carpets, are the softest, richest looking carpets. They work great in formal spaces, such as dining rooms, elegant guest bedrooms, and executive conference rooms. They aren’t the best carpet choice for high traffic, but they offer a super soft carpet and expensive look.

If you need a Melbourne or Adelaide affordable carpet that looks every bit as expensive as other, high-end carpet retailers, you’ll want to talk to our professional team at Bargain Carpets. We have a massive sale going on right now, so be sure to stop by today to get the best prices of the season.

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