Avoid the Costs of Wood Flooring with Vinyl Planks Available in Melbourne

Many homeowners are eager to purchase a home with natural hardwood floors but are unaware of the potential drawbacks that come with this type of floor covering. Similarly, those looking to renovate their home to sell or rent are often interested in getting hardwood floors installed, without realising how expensive this can be. While natural hardwood is visually appealing, you can enjoy many of the benefits of wood without having to deal with its potential drawbacks when you choose vinyl wood flooring for your Melbourne home, available inexpensively through Bargain Carpets.

Countering the Drawbacks of Choosing Wood Plank Flooring

It’s no secret that natural hardwood flooring is more expensive than choosing either laminates or vinyl for your home. While the costs are often worth it to many people who swear by the look and feel of real wood, money alone is not the only consideration when it comes to choosing your flooring. There’s also the issue of care and maintenance, which depending on the type of hardwood floor you select can be challenging. Some types of wood require regular refinishing to treat the appearance of scuffs and scrapes, and property owners should be prepared to pay extra for having professionals complete this task.

Vinyl planks for Melbourne homes are usually a far more cost-effective alternative and are much easier to maintain. With regular cleaning, vinyl plank flooring will retain its like-new appearance for years. Usually, the only maintenance required is some sweeping or vacuuming to remove dust, debris, or pet hair, followed by mopping to remove dirt just as you would with any other type of flooring. A mixture of water and vinegar works great for cleaning vinyl plank floors, but you can also purchase specially formulated solutions designed to keep vinyl floors looking their best.

Get Vinyl Plank Flooring in Melbourne You’ll Love

If you’re renovating a home to sell or are a homeowner merely interested in giving your property a fresh new look, there are few better options than installing vinyl wood flooring for your Melbourne home. You can further enjoy the cost-saving benefits and exceptional value of vinyl when you choose Bargain Carpets to install your new flooring. We offer a free measure and quote, and provide some of the lowest prices available on high quality vinyl plank flooring that you’re sure to love.

At Bargain Carpets, we are the ‘carpet store that comes to your door and can provide material samples as part of our complimentary measure and quote service. To get started, all you need to do is fill out our online enquiry form or contact us by phone. Either way, you will soon be put in touch with a friendly and professional member of our staff who will be happy to assist you in making your flooring decision.

Discover a new and better way to freshen up the look of your home with high quality vinyl plank flooring available in Melbourne through Bargain Carpets. You will be amazed at just how beautiful your living space can look with new and durable vinyl wood floors, professionally installed by your neighbourhood flooring professionals.